Calgarian Calendar

Re-stitching the space-time continuum

Can we all please adopt new names for the months and days that line up in alphabetical order? Who would not benefit?

Here's my proposal:


  • 1uary 
  • 2bruary 
  • 3arch 
  • 4pril 
  • 5ay 
  • 6une 
  • 7uly 
  • 8gust 
  • 9tember 
  • 10ctober 
  • 11vember 
  • 12cember 


  • 1day 
  • 2sday 
  • 3nesday 
  • 4hursday 
  • 5riday 
  • 6turday 
  • 7nday 

The Calgarian calendar. You know you want it.

I'm now working on a standardised semantic sorting order for emoji. 💫

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